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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the use of this website free?

No, the use of this website is not free. Users are required to pay a fee to access certain features and services on this site. The details and applicable fees can be found in the Pricing and Terms section of the website.

In what cases can this website be used?

This website can be used in the following cases: Searching for and locating missing or abducted individuals: By uploading an image of the desired person, their current location or the last known location can be determined using the registered electromagnetic pattern. Searching for and locating lost or stolen objects: By uploading images of missing or stolen objects, their location can be determined by analyzing their unique electromagnetic pattern. Please note that the use of this website should be for lawful and ethical purposes. Any misuse or illegal use of the site may result in legal consequences.

What types of images can be uploaded to this website?

You can upload images of individuals or objects in common formats such as JPEG or PNG. However, we strongly emphasize that you should only use images for which you have legal rights to use and share.

What level of accuracy do you have in detecting and locating objects and individuals?

Despite our efforts to improve accuracy, Biofoundry is in the testing phase and is not yet in its final version. The location information provided through the website may have a margin of error of approximately 15%. Therefore, for important decisions or emergency situations, we recommend not relying exclusively on it.

Are users' confidential information properly safeguarded?

Yes, preserving the privacy and security of users' information is very important to us. We strive to store and process personal information and uploaded images confidentially and in compliance with privacy protection laws.

How can I report errors or issues I encounter while using the site?

If you come across any errors or issues while using the site, you can report the problem to our support team. We value user feedback and strive to address issues and answer questions.

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